A Tribute to Mehboob Sada

“Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”.  This phrase truly befits Mr. Mehboob Sada’s life . As we memorialize his first death anniversary on January 14, 2012, we accolade his life and work for humanity distinctively in the field of human rights, inter-faith harmony and ecumenism.

Mr. Mehboob Sada was appointed as the Director of the Christian Study Centre (CSC), Rawalpindi in 2001 and he remained in office till his sudden demise in January 2011. Under his leadership as Director, CSC flourished and progressed by leaps and bounds. Numerous Christian & non-Christian scholars, poets, writers, human right activists, religious leaders and inter-faith harmony activists started converging towards the Study Center for seminars, workshops and training programs.  As Mr. Mehboob Sada himself was a renowned educationist, writer, poet, human rights advocate and inter-faith harmony promoter, therefore, the Study Centre became the hub of all such scholastic activities.

Throughout his life, he remained a mentor for Christian youth. He enlightened thousands with his vision of hope and philosophy of humanity.  He was also the editor of Shalom monthly for a long period of time. His editorials and columns were the true reflection of his patriotism and allegiance to minorities particularly the Christians living in Pakistan.  His three books “Irtaash, Tareekh Ka Faraib & Fajr Ke Khwab” are considered invaluable works of the Urdu literature. He was awarded with hundreds of recognition awards for his literary works and service to the humanity.

His early departure has left a huge vacuum of vision, thought & knowledge which may not be filled in years to come. He led an exemplary life that compels us to realize that one day our life will flash before our eyes too, so make sure that its worth watching.

Mr. Mehboob Sada is no more with us, but his name will always be remembered for his great works for the humanity. Mr. Mehboob, we will not mourn over your death but will celebrate your life that you lived among us.

I will end with the words of Rabindranath Tagore who once said, ” Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come”.

Written by: Asif Ayub

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