Appeal to all PCYF members, Christian community and other minority groups to voice against Gosha-e-Aman demolition

It’s not for the first time in Pakistan that minorities are suffering at the hands of the government and extremist groups. There have been many events in the past where minorities were persecuted and their holy places were demolished and set ablaze. As far as Christian minority is concerned, Shanti Nagar & Gojra incidents are examples of those unforgettable episodes of horror and disgrace in which hundreds of Christian families became homeless, churches were burnt and dozens lost their precious lives or sustained serious injuries.

The recent incident that took place in Lahore on 10th January, 2012 a Church and its property which was being used as a welfare centre, old age house & sewing center for the past 100 years namely known as Gosha-e-Aman (Place of Peace) were demolished by the orders of the Punjab government. This heinous and blasphemous act was carried out in the presence of the Punjab police in which not only the Church property but also the Holy Books and other religious material were bulldozed in front of hundreds of people. It is a serious matter  that must be taken up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the Punjab government and must be reviwed under blasphemy laws.

PCYF strongly condemns and prays for the safety and protection of Christians and all minorities in this country and requests all Christians to show perseverance and courage to face such injustice.


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