Zardari talks with King Abdullah….

Pakistan is one of those countries and probably the only country where freedom of expression is at its peak these days, but that’s only seen in media. Our media is ultra-liberal and quite vocal about issues related to politics and general public. No one can deny that media has role to play in shaping the society and highlighting its problems. But it is seen that some TV program go beyond the level of respect and use some street language to criticize political or official authorities. Although PEMRA is a regulatory authority for all the print and electronic media agencies, but it seems as if there is no authority that can design a code of ethics for the current affair shows and programs. Now a days, each current affair program has put few comedian in who make fun of the politicians and heavily criticize them. Some of such program use very loose language and do not care about any ethics that is leaving a bad impact on our younger generation. We need to keep a balance even when we are criticizing and making fun of others. We must keep in mind that we do not wish to raise a generation who does not have ethical values or respect for others.

In countries like Pakistan, I think its important to show mirror to politician for what they do wrong, and the only safest way is to blend it with some humor and satire. Politics in Pakistan has become a family business whereas the element of service is no more there. It’s important to show the real face of our politicians now because they are busy in looting the nation than serving them. Unlike most of the TV shows, Azizi’s show “Hasb-e-Haal” is one of those programs that provide quality comedy with light humor and meaningful satire. Just watch the video on the following link and if you like it please do comments.

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