Imam manipulated evidences against Rimsha, says eyewitness –

Imam manipulated evidences against Rimsha, says eyewitness –

ISLAMABAD: The Imam of a Mosque, Khalid Jadoon, manipulated the evidence against Rimsha Maseeh, said an eyewitness in a statement before the magistrate on Saturday.

According to the eyewitness Hafiz Muhammad Zubair, he was observing Aitekaf in the mosque when he got to know about the incident of alleged burning of Quranic verses.

He said that Ammad, the complainant in the case, handed over the ashes of Quranic verses to the Imam of the mosque Khalid Jadoon, who also added more verses to it.

The eyewitness further said in his statement that he himself along with two more Motakif protested against the manipulation of the evidences. He said that he and other eyewitnesses had asked Khalid Jadoon to present the real evidences against Rimsha.

Meanwhile, the religious scholar Tahir Ashrafi has asked the Ulema as to what kind of punishment Imams like Khalid Jadoon deserved.

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Be Thankful Even When The Circumstances Are Not In Your Favour

It is not possible that all things happen as we desire. There may be times when you find yourself in a difficult time and situation may not look to be under control, people may not get along with you well, you may be having hard time at your work. But in all situations remember that these are not going to stay there forever, you will come out of these troubles as victorious.

As scripture says “in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ concerning you.”

God is our creator and he cares about us more than anything else. We have been created on his image and so he watches over us all the time. He loved the world so much the he gave his only son Jesus Christ for us who suffered and died for our sins. But now we rejoice and declare that he is risen and taking care of us everyday and every moment. God has the power over all the troubles of our life and problems of this world. There is no problem so great that he can not solve, there is no trouble so big that he can not turn into joy and peace, there is no situation so difficult that he can not change into an opportunity. He is God, he is in complete control of everything.

Our faith and prayers in fact give us strength to stay firm in our testing times, and only through faith in Jesus we can overcome any obsticle and be victorious.

God bless you all,

In Christ,


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Never get discouraged, God is in complete control of your life !

Many a times in life we come across situations when we feel as  we are left alone, no one is at our side to help us out. We often start thinking God has also forsaken us and nothing can go in our favour. But in fact that is the moment of our test of faith.

This is where Jesus gave us an example of himself when he said ‘ not mine but your will be done’. Jesus was then going through the most difficult phase of his earthly life. He knew that in few mintues he will be captured and then will be nailed to cross. Even in those trenchful times, Jesus stood firm in the test of his faith and taught us a lesson that never get discouraged when time is not in your favour.

He wanted us to have an unshakeable and unconditional trust and faith in God because God is still in complete control of our lives. He still has bigger and better plans for us. The only thing we need to do is to accept him our Lord and Savoiur and have an unshakeable faith that He is in complete control of our lives.

God bless you all,


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Relationship Between Jesus & Religion

In the following videos you will find two different perspectives on the relationship between Jesus and Religion.

Your responses will help guiding our youth to better understand this relationship between Jesus and religion.



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A Tribute to Mehboob Sada

“Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”.  This phrase truly befits Mr. Mehboob Sada’s life . As we memorialize his first death anniversary on January 14, 2012, we accolade his life and work for humanity distinctively in the field of human rights, inter-faith harmony and ecumenism.

Mr. Mehboob Sada was appointed as the Director of the Christian Study Centre (CSC), Rawalpindi in 2001 and he remained in office till his sudden demise in January 2011. Under his leadership as Director, CSC flourished and progressed by leaps and bounds. Numerous Christian & non-Christian scholars, poets, writers, human right activists, religious leaders and inter-faith harmony activists started converging towards the Study Center for seminars, workshops and training programs.  As Mr. Mehboob Sada himself was a renowned educationist, writer, poet, human rights advocate and inter-faith harmony promoter, therefore, the Study Centre became the hub of all such scholastic activities.

Throughout his life, he remained a mentor for Christian youth. He enlightened thousands with his vision of hope and philosophy of humanity.  He was also the editor of Shalom monthly for a long period of time. His editorials and columns were the true reflection of his patriotism and allegiance to minorities particularly the Christians living in Pakistan.  His three books “Irtaash, Tareekh Ka Faraib & Fajr Ke Khwab” are considered invaluable works of the Urdu literature. He was awarded with hundreds of recognition awards for his literary works and service to the humanity.

His early departure has left a huge vacuum of vision, thought & knowledge which may not be filled in years to come. He led an exemplary life that compels us to realize that one day our life will flash before our eyes too, so make sure that its worth watching.

Mr. Mehboob Sada is no more with us, but his name will always be remembered for his great works for the humanity. Mr. Mehboob, we will not mourn over your death but will celebrate your life that you lived among us.

I will end with the words of Rabindranath Tagore who once said, ” Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come”.

Written by: Asif Ayub

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Appeal to all PCYF members, Christian community and other minority groups to voice against Gosha-e-Aman demolition

It’s not for the first time in Pakistan that minorities are suffering at the hands of the government and extremist groups. There have been many events in the past where minorities were persecuted and their holy places were demolished and set ablaze. As far as Christian minority is concerned, Shanti Nagar & Gojra incidents are examples of those unforgettable episodes of horror and disgrace in which hundreds of Christian families became homeless, churches were burnt and dozens lost their precious lives or sustained serious injuries.

The recent incident that took place in Lahore on 10th January, 2012 a Church and its property which was being used as a welfare centre, old age house & sewing center for the past 100 years namely known as Gosha-e-Aman (Place of Peace) were demolished by the orders of the Punjab government. This heinous and blasphemous act was carried out in the presence of the Punjab police in which not only the Church property but also the Holy Books and other religious material were bulldozed in front of hundreds of people. It is a serious matter  that must be taken up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the Punjab government and must be reviwed under blasphemy laws.

PCYF strongly condemns and prays for the safety and protection of Christians and all minorities in this country and requests all Christians to show perseverance and courage to face such injustice.


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Nawaz Sharif & Shah Abdullah by Azizi

Thank you so much for liking the first part of Azizi’s Zardari and King Abdullah meeting. Now I am presenting you the second part of it in which .Azizi beautifully depicts the meeting between Nawaz Sharif and King Abdullah.
I hope you will like this video as well.
Please leave your liking/disliking and comments.


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